Sunday, 22 January 2012


Wrekin Hill Entertainment, along with Lionsgate, will release Halle Berry‘s long delayed shark film, ‘Dark Tide,’ on ultra video-on-demand (VOD)  on March 8th before it goes theatrical on March 30th.
In the action-thriller ‘Dark Tide’ , Academy Award winner Halle Berry plays shark expert Kate Mathieson, who’s returning to the Great White infested waters of isolated Guadalupe Island for the first time since her own near-deadly shark attack.
Produced by Jeanette Buerling and Matthew E. Chausse and directed by John Stockwell, the only other notable name in this film is Olivier Martinez, who happens to be Berry’s current boyfriend.
According to wikipedia, the film was to be released on the 17 July 2011, but had to be postponed due to scheduling problems.
Stockwell is no stranger to directing films surrounding water, having done ‘Blue Crush’ (2002), ‘Into the Blue’ (2005), and ‘Turistas’ (2006). Berry’s other film, ‘Frankie and Alice,’ has yet to be released and there’s no telling where the producers plan to do with the film.
Wrekin Hill is new to the distribution game, with Zhang Yimou’s ‘Flowers of War’ in current release. In 2011, they released Peter Weir’s ‘The Way Back.’
‘Dark Tide’ was among the 10 Films that listed on the ’10 Black Films That May Never Be Released In Theaters Or DVD.’

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