Friday, 27 January 2012

Halle Berry launches a Shoe Line

She’s all about expanding her portfolio, and Halle Berry’s latest enterprise is her own collection of footwear.
Today we glimpsed pictures of Halle Berry shooting a shoe commercial… in Germany. The Hollywood star was on a set in Berlin, promoting her new line for German shoe chain Deichmann to be called 5th Avenue by Halle Berry
Of her new lineup, Berry gushed, “It’s a dream come true. Women have always loved shoes. It’s like if your hair is not right and your shoes are not right, the woman is not right.”
She continued, “If both of them are right, you’re pretty much OK. And shoes are a statement. They can be very sexy; they can say something about where you are in the day; they can say what your mood is; they give you a chance to accessorize. And I’m a girl that loves to change my shoes all the time. It’s an expression of who you are really. I’m a girl if I find a shoe that I really like I like to get them in all colors. I’m big on that.”
“I would say I’m a nude girl because this goes with everything. You can dress it up and dress it down. I can’t think of any girl who wouldn’t want her name on a brand of shoes. I think that’s pretty cool.”
But for whatever reason, Halle is Deichmann’s new spokesperson and has designed a whole collection that will hit European stores in March.
Curious what they’ll look like? Check out pics of Halle’s shoot below.

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