Friday, 27 January 2012

We Want Mel B's Secret!!!1

Wowsa!!!, we just whistled at our computer (it was embarrassing) - because look how amazing Mel B looks.

Now, because we watch tv, we know that this is down to the Jenny Craig diet, which Mel B enlisted the help of last year in a bid to lose 15kg of ‘baby fat’.

The pop star only gave birth to her third child, Madison, less than four months ago so has shed the baby weight in record time, only really rivalled by her fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

Mel - who has two other children,  Phoenix Chi, 12 and Angel, four, took so well to the regime (see tiny waist) that she became the face of the Australia and New Zealand branch.

And it’s not just the weight loss (anyone else’s jaws still on the floor at that waist?) - Mel has also had a super-stylish new blunt haircut, and was rocking a very flattering navy jumpsuit.

Mel may have got the new look for her apparent move to Australia, where she is expected to move to after  working there most of last year as a judge on the Aussie version of the X Factor.

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